MultiCriteria Pain Assessment

We help and accompany you in the processing of your clinical study data.

Whether it is in the choice of models or in the drafting of documents, we have a solid scientific experience in research.

Pain Physicians /

Monitoring Patients QoL

Our past experience has enabled us to develop a number of tools to assist in the collection or analysis of data, whether at the patient’s bedside or in your department.
The ergonomics of our applications is one of our strengths.

Available on touch tablets and the web, data entry and centralization become easier and are no longer a problem.


Data-driven Therapies

When you handle a lot of different kinds of data, physician’s intuition is no longer the only way to find the right therapy at the right time and shorten patient’s journey.

That’s why we help you build treatment models using today’s technologies (machine learning, artificial intelligence, data warehouse, big data).

You can then incorporate them into your own IT systems and benefit from their self-learning.

Finally, our experience can allow you to have all the necessary resources to evaluate your technologies and, if necessary, allow their evaluation by the competent authorities.

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